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Script for creating Android Icons

This is script for creating icons for Android platform. It will help you to create icons for different screen sizes and resolutions, name them by common naming conventions and automatically save them in appropriate icon folder (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi).

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Updated 13.02.2012

Added support for:
- action bar icons
- icons with custom size
- xhdpi screen icon

Android Icon

Applies Android menu icon style to image.

Requires Layer Effects plugin to work. In fact, this plugin just applies a series of layer effects with preset settings to image to achieve Android menu icon look. The plugin includes a batch mode, which can be used from command line like this:

gimp -i --batch-interpreter=python-fu-eval -b 'pdb.python_fu_androidicon_batch(None, None, "/path/to/pictures/*.svg", "/path/to/res");pdb.gimp_quit(1)'

Tested with GIMP 2.6

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