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Find and Replace Text (Layer Names AND Text Layer contents)

Inspired by the following plugin:

Latest version: 0.0

There's some differences with the plugin this was inspired by. Namely, these are the following changes:

  1. Restricting Find/Replace to just the linked layers.
  2. Whether the search and replace actually is a regex.
  3. Find and replace in text layers too. Currently there's no way to preserve the markup, BUT, it can work around layers that have don't have text content, but do have markup content.
  4. Restricting replacements to the first x occurances in a layer's name or in a text layer's body.

Depth Merge -BIG preview

Depth Merge is already included in gimp but with a too poor preview so microscopic to be unusable
Now hacked to be bigger


Thank to Francois Collard there is a windows version already available (is the first link, the file in the zip )

Please note that this is a REPLACEMENT not a new filter to add:

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