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Ressource importer

This python plug-in helps the user to import ressources into the right user gimp directory ~/.gimp-2.6/. This script has to be installed first in ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins, Gimp relaunched and it should appear at the bottom of Edit menu.
For more information, go to (english text).

Gimp Plugins installers for Win32

Several Windows users think that installing Gimp plugins under Windows is hard.

As I was playing around with Inno Setup, I randomly chose these plugins, only because I had just a new Windows 32 compilation of them, and I release those first plugin installers without any warranty.

They should work on any Windows version, but I'm waiting for feedbacks.

These are automated Windows installers. Please, do not copy the setup files into your Gimp plug-ins directory!

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