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GIMP Book is a script for managing multiple pages in the GIMP, it's great for creating comic books, illustrated books, sketch books or similar. It opens a separete window with thumbnails of all your pages, where you can add, delete, sort and rename them. Once you're done you can export your book to various formats, for web or print.

Four panel Comic page script

Basic script to create a template for a 4 panel comic page. All Panels are the same size based on page size and 2X2 layout with a 50 pixel border between them. Will do some more work on the script later to make it more flexible.

If you want the panels to be clear so you can slide you images in behind them then remove the ; from the start of line 39
; (gimp-edit-clear layer)

once installed you can find the script on the filter menu (should be down near the bottom).

Comic strip

This script-fu script is a deeply modified version of the comic-book1 script by barky. While that script works well for web resolution images, higher res images need a larger cell size to keep the correct look and feel.
The plugin-interactions have been left in a active state to allow the user to fine tune the effect based on resolution.
This script uses the following default plugins:
unsharp mask

17, June 2010 -- Script repaired to remove fixed image id.

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