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edit image comment 0.2

This Gimp plug-in edits the image comment.
"/Image/Edit Comment".


btn4ws generates a series of buttons for use on websites. The plugin generates the buttons for 3 different states (active, inactive, pressed) and can apply different effects (supernova, patterns, shadows) onto the buttons. btn4ws can also create valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript output for using the buttons. btn4ws is a python based plugin for GIMP 2.x (tested with GIMP 2.4.3)

Planet Render

Creates a planet lit on one side, with some kind of atmosphere glow. The size and color of the planet as well as the angle for the light can be set.
An example tutorial can be found here.

- Version 1-2.scm is for GIMP 2.4 and 2.6* and above.
( please note that on 2.6, it is in the "File > Create > Misc" menu )
- Version 1-1.scm is for GIMP 2.2

(10/2010: Updated when I noticed I gave a link to the wrong tutorial. Not that anyone noticed :p)


A port of gimp-ace to GIMP 2.2, based on gimp-ace 0.6.3.

Reading from the original description there: The basic "Stretch Contrast" operation takes in the whole image at once, and if there is a white pixel anywhere in the image and a black pixel anywhere in the image, it figures the contrast is already as good as can be. But Adaptive Contrast Enhancement works to increase the contrast locally, and brings out details that most wide-sweeping contrast-enhancements pass over.

Runs also on GIMP 2.4, but the GUI is not 100% adopted.

Update to the Registry

The registry used to be a custom-developed web application but this has proven to be too maintenance intensive and nothing much happened to the site for several years, as many have noted. Therefore, this new version of the Registry has been created based on the Drupal CMS. Drupal allowed us to provide the complete registry with a minimum of coding effort, through its excellent Content Construction Kit and Views modules. My hope is that it will prove much easier to maintain and also allow others to take a more active role, not just me and authors but also artists and other contributors!

Taxonomy upgrade extras: 

GIMP XMLRPC-Server (crazy, unfinished)

This is an attempt at exposing GIMP functionality as an XMLRPC web service.

This is not finished. It can probably not be finished that way it has been started. It will require a lot more code. Actually, putting GEGL behind such a thing makes much more sense.

Have a look at Xtns/Python to find the menu entry which starts the server.

But it works, in an extremely limited way. You can e.g. change the current foreground and background colors... See the gimprpctest.py script for an example.

Minimal Python plugin

This is a minimal python plugin for GIMP. In contrary to gimpfu-based ones, these do have the functions also available in C plugins (query, init, run, quit) and can (actually, have to) use GTK+ directly to create a user interface.


I've attached an minimal-really.py plugin, which does only define what is needed for a plugin (query, and the functions to be used). 99% of all python plug-ins will most likely follow this structure.



"Unit" tests for PDB functions accessible by Script-Fu

This is a simple Unit-test-look-alike approach to test the functions available in Script-Fu. Currently, only the gimp-brush-* stuff is done (or at least each function is called at least once).

Everything is based on bunny-test, a framework available from http://community.schemewiki.org/?bunny-test and simple enough to be used with TinyScheme (more complete stuff relies on syntax not available in this implementation).

Minimal Python-Fu script

This is a minimal Python-Fu script. It does absolutely nothing besides registering itself in the menu.

The motivation for it was to show whether pass is a valid body for a script function. It is.

Double border

Creates two borders around the outside of your image with a shadow layer in between.


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