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Pseudo Tone Fixer

This script tries to fix the tone of a photo taken with wrong exposure. In some landscape photos, it can have a nice effect of enhancing the colors.

The general idea is to produce different copies of the image at different gamma levels, then applying simple tone mapping techniques to produce a vibrant photo.

The script allows the user to control the number of copies by setting the lowest and highest gamma setting then the interval. For example lowest=20, highest=170, interval=10 results to (170-20)/10 = 15 copies with increasing gamma level from 0.2 to 1.7. Play around!

SpaceScape Script

Updated on February 21 2009 for GIMP 2.6


This script adds every single layer to the background.
Every layer matched with the background is saved by the name of the layer in a directory called with the name of the image.
See: http://krypt77.altervista.org/index_gimp.htm


Description: This script-fu for The Gimp is an attempt to simulate the Diana/Holga Toys Cameras effect.

The dialog window / La fenêtre de dialogue:

Last version and tutorial: Last version can be found at:
A tutorial (in french) and examples of use can be seen at:

Color to B&W by Gradient

A set of gradients for toning B&W photos. New are multi-colored toning gradients (thanks Ron Antonishen for the conversion script), and 3 Albubum print gradients. Instructions for use are in the README file.

Note: you will generally get better results from:

->color->map->sample colorize

than from

->color->map->gradient map


A flexible lomo simulation plugin for py-gimp. Design inspired by several other authors who are credited in the README file, plus some of my own ideas.


This script will resize an image for printing, specifically it changes the pixels per inch setting and resizes the canvas. I did this so I could "resize" an image to have a full frame print. A white border will be created to pad the "short" edge.

Sepia Toning

This is an automagic copy of Sepia Toning tutorial www.gimp.org/tutorials/Sepia_Toning/ by Eric R. Jeschke

registry.gimp.org switched

I'm happy to announce that I just switched over registry.gimp.org, the well-known name for this site :) Thanks to everybody who already copied the content and if you haven't done, yet, please do as soon as possible!

Please note that if the name doesn't work for you right now, please wait a few hours, it might still be cached by your name-server. The new registry is of course available as gimp-registry.fargonauten.de, as before.


This is a script that is based on the fire tutorial (http://gug.sunsite.dk/tutorials/tomcat13/). It was built and tested on GIMP 2.4 (so, using the new scheme engine).
It comes with two versions; one that creates an image of flames and another that creates an animation (using layers as frames).
Flame animation


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