A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.


Deskew, also called auto straighten, is the automatic rotation of an image such that the text is vertically aligned. This is great for cleaning up scanned documents.



Note 1/10/2012: If one uses an IDE such as Code::Blocks (www.codeblocks.org), SHAPEFS should be mostly platform independent, much like GIMP itself. Sincere apologies to any users attempting to use this plug-in. Life intervened between the time I created this and today. I'll take your advise and insure that any future versions come with the correct configure scripts as with other Linux source packages.

Platonic Solids Foldables

Tiles the face of a centered polygon image such that it forms a polyhedral net. This way the image can be folded up into the specified 3D solid. In order for the plugin to work as specified, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled as described in the instructables tutorial here http://www.instructables.com/id/Create-attractive-3D-solids-using-The-GI... .


To draw line in parametric mode.

Author web site: http://xoomer.alice.it/lwcon/gimp/

Help page: http://xoomer.alice.it/lwcon/gimp/script-fu/draw-line.htm


A Script-Fu that create a Chrome effect with gradient shadow

Polished Plastic

A Script-Fu that create a Polished Plastic Text or Shape

homepage(fr) : http://www.lefinnois.net/plasticlogo.php

Aquabou - AquaButton

A Script-Fu that create a Aqua Style Button

homepage : http://www.lefinnois.net/aquabouEN.php


A Script-Fu that create a bumpmapped Text or Shape

homepage : http://www.lefinnois.net/bumpyEN.php


A set of plugins and scripts for astronomical image processing

Not intended for scientific image processing, due to gimp's 8bit depth restriction (for "pretty pictures" only).


07.10.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.8
02.09.2012: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.7
31.07.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.6
29.06.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.5
25.03.2008: gimp-plugin-astronomy-0.4


  • Align layers using center of brightness or 2D (fourier) cross correlation or gauss fit, subpixel-resolution, with de-rotation!



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