A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.

Export Layers

Export Layers is a GIMP plug-in that exports layers as separate images in almost any file format supported by GIMP and possibly third-party plug-ins.

This plug-in:

  • uses native dialogs for file format export procedures to adjust file format settings
  • uses layer names as filenames for the exported images
  • supports layer groups and optionally treats them as folders
  • can optionally export only layers whose file extension matches specified file format
  • can use file extensions in layer names as file formats
  • can use layers with names in [square brackets] as background layers


3D MPO File Loader

This plug-in is based on the enhancement request in bugzilla - https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=675262

This plug-in loads the MPO(Multiple Picture Object) file with its respective layers. MPO file is the raw 3D file format for many 3D cameras.

Source Code: https://www.github.com/ksashikumar/file-mpo

Line Width

Changes thickness of lines in line art. Enlarges visible image, repeatedly blurs, thresholds, and antialiases, then shrinks image down to original size. A dialog prompts for amount of enlargment, number of repeats, speed of line thickness change, and whether to make the line thicker or thinner. As of v. 1.5 the result is put into a new layer, leaving the old image untouched.

Change animation framerate

This plugin changes the framerate of an animation that is stored as a multi layer image.

Note that it does still have a few bugs.
It also puts priority on keeping the length equal rather then keeping the frame timing consistent.

Try adjusting the loops per pass control if you notice excessive stuttering or uneven framerate.

Calculate Saturation

This plugin calculates the saturation from a picture with four different saturation algorithms:
1. (max-min)
2. (max-min) / sum
3. like HSV: (max-min) / max
4. like HSL: (max-min) / (max+min)

Build and install it with:
$ gimptool-2.0 --install elsamuko-saturation.c

You'll find it then under Colors->Components->Calc Saturation.


Green Pixels

Converts the original image into a interesting green one.
It may be necessary to play with brightness or color intensity in order to get a pretty result.




Microfiche to files

This script chops up microfiche images into their individual pages and saves them as a series of image files



Adds the ability to manually enter in a 3x3 transformation matrix.

Please see the readme included in the attached file for installation instructions.

This is a thin wrapper UI around gimp-item-transform-matrix, it may not behave as expected when the transform is not affine.

Keeping the color tools settings under control

The color tools (Levels, Curves, Threshold...) memorize all settings used. Over time these accumulate, slowing down tool startup, and making it more difficult to reach the explicitly saved settings, which appear at the bottom of the list.

The settings-cleaner script will run automatically at each Gimp startup and do some housekeeping on these files, directed by a short configuration file, keeping at most a specified number of settings not older than a specified number of days. Settings that have been explicitly saved with a name are of course left in.

Registry Down-Time

The registry has been down due to a hard-drive failure, which took some time to resolve. It should now be up and running again -- let me know if you notice any errors.


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