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dorylinux impaginatore

Questo script in python altro non è che una mia personalizzazione e relativa traduzione in italiano basato sul codice "Batch resize" di Carol Spears.
Ho volutamente messo i margini a zero perchè le miniature impaginate possano essere agevolmente tagliate ed ottenere delle piccole foto da un'impaginato grande. Io lo uso per creare in maniera del tutto automatica dei mini album partendo dall'impaginato grande, infatti ci sono pure le misure che uso io col mio laboratorio che stampa in banda 406mm. Si può comunque utilizzare pure per creare delle provinature nei vari formati.

Fake high dynamic range effect for Gimp

HDR Fake Effect is a script for The GIMP
This script produces a fake HDR effect + on an image
I follow the tut of jneurock at gimpology.com and then creat this script-fu
here the link :
Note :
If you want to use Fake HDR plus then you may need do this tutorial
one time for know what the input value do these work.
The script use some code from Dodge burn is a script for The GIMP
by Harry Phillips
The script is located in " / Script-Fu / Enhance / HDR Fake Effect..."

Wavelet decompose

This plugin losslessly decomposes a layer of an image into layers of wavelet scales. This means that you can edit the image on different detail scales (frequencies). The trivial recomposition of the image can be done by GIMP's layer modes so you can see the results of your modifications instantly. Among the applications are retouching, noise reduction, and enhancing global contrast.

Gimp ace-0.6.7 Win32

Fresh Windows compilation of Gimp ace2 (Adaptive Contrast Enhancement) plugin. 50 Kb exe, 20 Kb zip. No console window.
[Image]/Filters/Color/Adaptive contrast

Gimp-image-subtraction-plugin Win32

Just a Win32 compilation of Alexandre Heitor Schmidt's gimp-image-subtraction-plugin. Works with Gimp v2.6
I only changed the name "gimp-plugin-template" to "image-subtraction" in all source files before compiling with msys/MinGW. I didn't include translations or help, which are empty files and wouldn't work even under Linux.
Filter is still found in [Image]/Filters/Misc/Image subtraction. Tell me whether you like a better place.

Color Scheme Helper for Gimp

A Python plugin that start the color scheme designer Agava for creating a new color scheme. The created color scheme can be saved as a Gimp color palette and loaded into Gimp.

Presented by area42 - Agentur & Systempartner

Download and more information at


Add Rule Of Thirds guides

Add simple "Rule of Thirds" guides in GIMP.

This plug-in is so simple, it might also be useful as a python-fu template.


This script automates a Photoshop tutorial on how to make "something that looks like a plasmid under an electron microscope." GIMP doesn't have the Chrome filter that Photoshop does, so this script uses a combination of gaussian blur, colorizing, and embossing to achieve a similar effect. It's not quite perfect, but it's close.
The attached jpg is something similar to what the resulting run will look like using the default parameters.

Lorem Ipsum Helper for Gimp

A Python plugin that start the Lorem Ipsum Generator for creating dummy text for your design drafts. The plugin requires the Lorem Ipsum Generator and is available at the moment for Linux only (post a comment if you like it to get for Windows too)

Presented by area42 - Agentur & Systempartner

Download and more information at


Pencil drawing from photo

Script to create pencil drawing from photographic image. Based on the Tutorial:
Making a pencil drawing from a photo, written by devv: (www gimpusers com/users/devvv.html)

Tutorial: http://xoomer.alice.it/contegs/gimp/scripts/pencil-drawing-from-photo.htm



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