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Count tiles for a mosaic

# Author: Chris Mohler
# Copyright 2009 Chris Mohler
# License: GPL v3
# GIMP plugin to count the number of tiles of the FG color

This plugin breaks the layer into tiles and counts the number of tiles containing a percentage of the FG color, and optionally draws a grid in the bg color. The plug-in also reports the total percentage of the FG color in the layer. For best results, use a flattened copy of your layered image.

Website Window Creator Script

This script creates a new image with a window useful for web design.

To install this script, copy it to your scripts folder, then restart Gimp. If you don't know where your scripts folder is, then go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scripts.

To run this script, select File > Create > Website Window.

Feedback is appreciated, and I will consider any changes that you request.

Four-corner gradient

Version 2.4

This Script-Fu creates a completely new image having an RGB and/or HSV gradient in two directions - both horizontally and vertically - based on the colors you specify for the four corners. The layer name includes the parameters to support reproducibility.

Superceded as of 4/26/09 by 2-Dimensional Gradient.

60's Text Effect Script (Rev. 2.2)

This script will create psychedelic 1960's text. I created this script from my tutorial of the same name. I didn't merge the layers in the script, as I did in the tutorial, because you can change the blend modes of the different layers for different appearance.

Rev. 2.0 - added compatability for Gimp 2.4.x

Rev. 2.1 and 2.2 - Added gradient controls.


Google Summer of Code - Student Application Period has started

On 19:00 UTC today, Google has started to accept applications from students for Summer of Code.

Flash SWF Export

A Python plugin that exports a GIMP image as a Shockwave Flash file or the layers of an GIMP image as a Shockwave Flash animation. The package "swftools" is required.

Presented by familie redlich :systeme

Download, screenshot and more information at


Gradient-to-gradient Gradient

Version 1.0.2

This script-fu creates a completely new image having an RGB and/or HSV gradient vertically between any two GIMP gradient patterns.

Note that this script-fu has a repeating loop, so the wider you make this image, the longer the script will take to run.

Find in Filters > Render > Gradients > Gradient to gradient...

Superceded as of 4/26/09 by 2-Dimensional Gradient.

GIMP Plugin to export fonts and bitmaps for ks0108 LCDs

This plugin exports 1bpp images in a way that can be easily included in firmwares for embedded systems that use ks0108 LCD's.

The data is exported as a C source code header file. Data is arranged in a way that can be dumped easily and quickly to the LCD

more info: http://codinglab.blogspot.com/

To slice and merge images

Slices and joins scriptfu is useful when you want to split one image 'file' into smaller 'files', and to recombine it successively. One single image 'file' can be split into unlimited number of files. Image-slice script save on the file imagename.rcm all the data for the reconstruction.

For more information ..


Cross-stitchify v2.1

Someone on an email list I belong to asked about ways of making a counted cross-stitch pattern from a photo. There are commercial packages that do this, but it seemed like something GIMP could do, and I wanted some Python practice.

Attached is a zip file containing the following files:


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