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Hex Grid

This is a script to render hexagonal grids.

It shows up as Filters->Render->Pattern->Hex Grid... (which is the same sub-menu as the existing grid script).  This script works on the current layer/drawable to be consistent with the way the normal grid plugin works.

Sample Gradient from Image

This script compliments my "Sample Gradient Along a Path" script and was originally developed to generate the gradients bundled here.  This script simply scales the image to be 1 px high and samples across it, so it only works correctly with horizontal gratent images. 

You can however create some interesting gradients with other images.  For example, an image that is 1/2 black and 1/2 white diagonally will creat a gratent that blends linearly from black to white!

Palette Generator

New version:1_3
Add to palette black, gray and white by default.

New version:1_2
Save palette bug fixed.

Adjust light of scheme work fine (I hope!)

Perspective Reflection Script

This script modifies a layer to have a perspective and reflection consistent with that perspective.

This script is not finished. It has not been tested very much, and it is missing major features to come later on.

To install this script, copy it to your scripts folder, then restart Gimp. If you don't know where your scripts folder is, then go to Edit > Preferences > Folders > Scripts.

To run this script, select Filters > Decor > Perspective Reflection.

Feedback is appreciated.

2-Dimensional Gradient v. 1.2

2-Dimensional Gradient (2DG) produces a new layer containing a gradient that changes in two dimensions. People using non-English-language GIMP installations are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

9 sample gradients follow (collected into a single image):

9 sample patterns produced by this Script-Fu

Radial Copy (True Polar Array)

Note: I accidentally posted this as a plug-in first. I've now correctly posted it as a script.

This script allows the user to select an item in the image and to create a true polar array of the selected object (think kaleidoscope as opposed to Ferris wheel seats). It is useful for creating objects that possess radial symmetry.

The user can control:
-center point of rotation
-distance from the center point to the objects in the array
-starting angle for the rotation
-angle between each copied object
-number of objects in the final array.

New Engrave plugin

This plugin is an alternative to the existing Engrave plugin
supplied with GIMP.

Basically, the plug-in transforms a grayscale image into a series of
horizontal lines of varying widths.

For example, the following (small) image

can be transformed into:

(stand back 10-20 feet).

Full description at: http://pages.infinit.net/leware/engrave.html .

Removing Timestamp

This script removes the timestamp imprinted on photos by digital cameras.
A friend had more than 400 photos with such a timestamp so I tried to get rid of it in a fast way. The script is a little quick'n'dirty but in most cases it's doing the job just fine. Better than I thought in the first place...

The procedure:

  1. select the area with the timestamp (manually but optional)
  2. select the color of the timestamp in your selection
  3. add alpha channel to layer (transparent background)
  4. remove the timestamp

Shadowed Thumbnails

Create shadowed thumbnail is a GIMP scrit which allow you to create a thumbnail preview of an image with a shadow effect.
For questions o r suggestions you can write to author mail address: tommaso.frazzetto@gmail.com.
This script is part of a tutoria which is an introduction to scripting in GIMP. You can find the article (in ITALIAN language) at
web page at http://www.brainspace.it/?p=136

Heal selection (fix to: Smart remove selection)

A fix to the Filter>Enhance>Smart remove selection... script.

Release notes:

Fixed a bug where strange texture (e.g. sky from the top of the image) instead of surrounding texture was synthesized onto the selection, as reported at this website for the resynthesizer plug-in.


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