A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.

Blank Sprite Sheet

File/Create/Blank Sprite Sheet...

Create a NPOT (nearest power of two) square background colored sprite sheet that can contain at least N sprites of the given width and height with optional spacing between each sprite. Also creates guides to show the limits of these sprites.

Image/Guides/Sprite Sheet Guides...
Creates guides on the current image for sprites of the given height, width, and spacing.

batch divide image

divide the image into 2 parts in equal, vertical or horizontal,base on your choice.


Modify color channel values using mathematical expressions.

Cubemap editing plugin

This plug-in allows you to create and edit cubemaps, by extracting regions, editing these and merging them back.

Lens with border and shadow

This plugin adds a lens with border/shadow to an image.
Developed with 2.8, other untested.

- select a part from the image that you will make a lens for (use circle selection)
- make your prefered settings in the dialog
- to get a positiv look, scale image down or check that your selection is < as desired lens size so it scaled up

Not perfekt but a good first throw i guess.
I commented it well, could be usefull for other newbies. I had a hard time to figure it out.



Allows the user to pick a camera coordinate (precomputed coordinates that provide a 2:1 grade) and render a texture to the side of a box viewed from that coordinate.

See readme for more information.

X Histogram

Centre of Mass

This script will place 2 guides denoting the centre of mass of a selection.
The selection can consist of several unconnected pixelregions.

Translate into Palette

Gino D's GIMP Scripts:


This script creates a new palette derived from the visible area or from the active drawable (layer or channel) of the current image.

Image Check

This plug-in creates a transparent layer on top of the active layer highlighting the parts
of the image with maximum local contrast, thus the parts witch are in perfect focus.
It also show which parts of the image are unrecoverable under,- and overexposed.
Finally, if there is transparency in the layer(s), the plug-in will indicate areas
with no image information.
It is optional to sample only the active layer or all visible layers.
If the image contains a lot of detail (or noise), completion will take longer.


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