A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.


Texturewerke is texture creation tool for GIMP.

It has two operating modes - color adjustment and highpass filter. More information can be found at Khayyam development page

Color adjustment

Compare images

A script that compare images.

This script load two images files and create:

Some scripts fixed for 2.7 and 2.8

Here are some scripts from my scripts directory, which happened to be fixed for 2.8, either because I needed them or out of curiosity. They may be backward incompatible with 2.6. If I did the work before the authors, they can receive their good back here. I updated this package on 2012/09/09, adding some other great scripts I use daily.

Save layers names

Save layers names into a file called 'gimp-layers' in the chosen directory.

density-brush-fill: fills a new layer with random strokes of the current brush

A script to fill a layer with random strokes of the current brush, until the required density is reached. Here is a 40% density start field using  a colored stars GIH:

Script and write-up are available here: http://gimp-tools.sourceforge.net/

Cut out 4 Pictures from a scanned image

Cuts out 4 standard pictures from a scanned image.

The use case is that you use your scanner to scan in standard photos 4 at a time, you would like to split this scanned image and save it as 4 separate files to continue work with the image processing software on. But rather than to open each image and select every single picture in the image scan this batch script is cutting out 4 photos for you.
The 4 pictures will have the same filename as the original file and added a suffix of _1, _2, _3 and _4

Add outline to layer

This simple script adds a outline to the selected layer.

path-csv: import/export paths from/to CSV files

For the script-fu/python-fu-challenged but spreadsheet mavens, a little piece of code that lets you export/import paths from your favorite spreadsheet programs, when the path you want to create can be computed, for instance to create this:

Available in my collection of path-related scripts. Please RTFM, there are some quirks.

GimpLensfun 0.2.1 (Windows and Linux binaries)

GimpLensfun is a Gimp plugin to correct lens distortion using the lensfun library and database.

See http://lensfun.sebastiankraft.net/ for download and instructions.

Since version 0.2.1 there are official Windows binaries available!

Toy 1.0.4

This plug-in creates a toy effect or tilt-shift miniature faking on a selected layer

Demo picture: "Marina Duisburg am Innenhafen" - G. Sawatzky - Wikipedia.de




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