A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.

Swap and Scale 3D images

A script to scale and swap left and right stereo images.

Add evenly distributed guides to an image so you can use "Split" to generate tiles from it.

Add new evenly distrubted guides to the image. This is useful for splitting the image into tiles for games and applications. Just run Filters->Web->Split after using this to lay down the guides.

Convert any photo into 3D

Paint a color coded third dimensional depth map over any photo and translate it to a stereo image in either parallel or cross-eye format. The tutorial can be found at the web site below.


Parallel view

Cross-Eye view

Can't Find Your 3D Glasses?

Can't Find Your 3D Glasses? Convert a Red/Blue 3D image into a Stereo Image ( parallel or cross-eye ) or into a gif movie. The tutorials can be found at the following websites.

http://www.idea2ic.com/OtherStuff/3D_files/Can%27t%20find%20your%203D%20... http://www.idea2ic.com/OtherStuff/3D_files/Convert%20A%20Blue%20and%20Re...

Add/Remove Sprite Sheet Gutter, Padding, and Spacing

Takes a heavily-packed sprite sheet with no padding between sprites/tiles and adds padding or spacing. Can also create a "gutter" around seamless tiles, filling the padding with the tile's edge pixels, preventing seams from appearing when using the tile in a 3D rendering environment due to interpolation.

Can also remove padding/spacing from a sprite sheet.

Update Version 1.1 (5/17/12):
- Script now supports non-opaque sprites
- Moved scripts to Filters > Sprite Sheets menu

Update Version 1.0:


Steganography tool to hide/retrieve text or an image in an image.
Once data is hidden in an image, one can't tell the morphed image from a bunch of others (even similar looking).

Open any image and run Filters>Steganography>Hide to specify an input text file or image[lossless]. This will hide the data within the opened image. You can then save the image as a png/bmp/lossless format.


Interleaves two stacks of layers, with a specified mode and opacity for one of the stacks, that can also be directly merged into the other one.

This is meant to make blending two animations as painless as possible.

The doc: http://gimp-tools.sourceforge.net/tools.shtml
The script: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-tools/files/scripts/


path-mirror: creating symmetrical paths

A script to mirror a path along a vertical or horizontal axis, to make it easier to create perfectly symmetrical paths. When stroke has a start or end point on the axis, the stroke and its mirror are merged into one single stroke. When both start and end points are on the axis, the resulting stroke is properly "closed".

Golden spiral

Creates a golden spiral path inside the selection bounds. Mostly useful as a poor man's Golden Spiral guide to crop pictures.

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-path-tools/files/scripts/
Doc: http://gimp-path-tools.sourceforge.net/tools.shtml

Plug-in: ArrowsCreator.py

Another thin arrow GIMP Python plug-in called 'ArrowsCreator'.

It's characteristics are:

-produces many different types of straight arrows
-produces one type of 'path' arrow
-facilitates combination of multiple arrows
-interactive with GIMP
-developed on GIMP 2.6 (work on 2.8 except no repeat gradient in shaft and GIMP don't control brush size).

ATTENTION: don't change layer during execution of the plug-in. Also on my computer begin to get sluggish for certain type of arrow in image greater than 7 Mpx.


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