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Embroidery Stitcher

Hi this is my second Script-Fu and it seems a few people liked it so i thought i would post it here at the registry.
It's a SCM script so it will go in your scripts folder.

Just open a image and select the layer you want to work on and go to Filters>Artistic>Embroidery Stitcher.
The script is non interactive, that is to say it just runs with no adjustments (for now), and should work on any layer or image.I may add a stitch width adjustment later.

GIMP Beautify Plug-ins

GIMP Beautify plug-ins is a set of GIMP plug-ins for quickly and easily beautify photos.

This is one if its screen-shot:
GIMP Beautify screenshot

You can download the plug-in at GIMP Beautify Home Site.

Please read the GIMP Beautify README before install and using it.

Spacing layers evenly

Small python script to space layers evenly (equal intervals between layers) within the selection bounds (or the image bounds when there is no selection).


After (with inner spacing only):

After (with outer spacing):

space-evenly can be downloaded there: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-tools/files/scripts/

Rotation Animation

This script helps create simple rotating animations.

It asks for the desired number of animation frames (between 4 and 24 frames in increments of 4), and generates the corresponding number of layers each containing a rotated version of the image's background layer.
A choice of animation motion (circular and pendulum) is provided.

It has been tested in Gimp 2.6.11 on GNU/Linux and 2.8 on Windows XP.

Released v1.11 on 2012-07-02.

* Added pendulum motion
* fixed issue from lingering test code

True PseudoGray

A script-fu implementation of the Pseudogrey encoding as presented originally by Rich Franzen, and brought to my attention by gimpchat.com user lylejk in this thread.

I've written up a blog post as well detailing the method and how it's derived.

AnimStack: animation tools for GIMP 2.8

May 19, 2013 - AnimStack 0.61 is a bugfix release, fixing very stupid bug with [render]
April 17, 2013 - AnimStack 0.6 is released! See release notes in the comment section.

Watch video tutorials here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiASt6bCYQNCRlWbGrwyPnmJlwIzMziEq

Also check out the official AnimStack tumblr: http://animstack.tumblr.com/

AnimStack is a collection of tools to simplify creating animations in GIMP. It makes heavy use of Layer Groups, introduced in GIMP 2.8.

A simple example of a problem this script might solve: you have an animation, but you want to put some text on top of it. Normally you would have to add text to every frame manually, but with AnimStack this task is completely automated. AnimStack is perfect for post-processing your GIF animations and adding various simple effects to them.

To get an overview of available features please watch the video: http://youtu.be/lHKx0g8xEl4

Flatten all layer groups

Image > Flatten Layer Groups

Does exactly what you expect it to do. Every top-level layer group is merged (careful: only visible layers in each layer group are merged). The layer tree becomes completely flat. Why is this useful? Well, I made it because it is impossible to convert an image to Indexed mode or export it as animated GIF if it contains any layer groups. And layer groups are extremely useful for animated GIFs. It's a conundrum! And this script helps automate the process somewhat.


A script to fill areas in a grid with random colors from a list or a gradient

The doc: http://gimp-tools.sourceforge.net/tools.shtml
The script: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gimp-tools/files/scripts/

The sample:


Pixel Dot Mask

This creates a simplistic version of the early newspaper/print halftone (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halftone) dot look. It is based upon a manual method described at http://www.reddit.com/r/GIMP/comments/uggfq/help_how_to_dot_raster_an_im...

Version 1.1.1 -- updated 2012-06-20: Fixed issue running script in GIMP 2.8

Nuvola Tools!

2013-03-01 - Minor revision upgrade:
updated the nuvola-tools-install-commands.sh to work with the more recent Debian Wheezy (debian testing)
You will be able to use nuvola tools on a more recent system and it's likely to work in Ubuntu too!


NUVOLA TOOLs offer advanced grayscale cleaning and processing functions for your scans,

automates removal of shadows, dust and toner particles typical of less than perfect prints ,

screentones removal through automated shape and topology recognition and much more!


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