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New anti-spam measures active

Dear Registry Users,

we have activated a few more anti-spam measures. In particular, plug-ins and scripts will now be checked more thoroughly for spammy content. This could of course lead to false positives, so please let us know if you see any issues!

We will also now automatically block accounts once we have seen a certain level of spam attempts. Thus, it is doubly important that you contact us if you think there is a false positive, don't just try over and over again, or you could be automatically blocked!

Color Reducer and Cartoonizer


This is my new plugin developed for two basic purposes. A) Color reduction. It will reduce number of colors in an image while trying to remain as close to original as possible. B) Generating lines to be used for cartoonization of images.

The plugin is not finished yet. I present it here to get some feedback. Though it works fine yet.

For introduction, examples and further information see wiki:

Batch Image Watermark Script

This post is a copy of my website post; Please see original blog post for any updates:

In short: This script allows you to add an image watermark to a directory of pictures!

Lets start (Linux users please adjust where necessary!)

Batch crop images... but keep centered

This is a small script for batch crop images and keep centered.

This is the script:

; 2012 Ivan Lantes Perez
; Script to crop images and keep centered

Golden-ratio circle effect

This plugin takes an existing image (i.e. a petal) and creates a new one by placing the original repetitively in the new one while rotating and scaling the successive copies (typically rotating the golden angle of 137.5° and scaling down just a little bit each step) resulting in beautiful forms that resemble the work of nature (i.e. a flower)

It can be also used to create animations of spiral falling objects, and other funny things.

Create Layer Mask from...

GIMP 2.8 Python Plugin.
This plugin allows you to create layer mask from another layer mask.
Or create layer mask from grayscale copy of layer.

In addition, the main feature of this plugin - is an option that allows you to change the interaction between two masks (Replace, Subtract...):

acv2gimp: convert Photoshop curves to gimp format

This is not my script, I just found it and felt it should have a link from the registry:
It converts Photoshop curves files to Gimp format.

Example usage:
python2 acv2gimp.py mycurve.acv -o ~/.gimp-2.8/curves/mycurve.crv

Layer to selection (select layer bounds)

Adds a new menu item

Select→Layer to selection

which creates a selection that exactly matches the boundaries of the current layer.

2012-08-08: Added the fixes by Aralox thanks :-)

See also http://flashingtwelve.brickfilms.com/GIMP/Scripts/layer-select.scm by saulgoode.

Mirrored frame/border

Creates a frame/border outside the image; the frame mirrors the original image.

The menu item appears in

Filters→Decor→Mirror frame

Scale and move layer to canvas (layer-cover-image)

Adds a menu option

Layer→Scale and move layer to canvas

which scales the layer to canvas size, and moves it so it exactly covers the canvas.

Newest version always at https://github.com/unhammer/gimp-fu


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