A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.

Dodge & Burn layer

This simple script add a new layer on top of the image filled with neutral grey and in overlay mode. You can use this layer with the dodge and burn tool to work on shadows and highlights without destroying datas.

Grid of Watermark

This script craete a grid of watermark on yours photo in two ways:

Source Code and Wiki

I made a fix about create x,y coordinates.


gimp-xcf-png is a gimp script which converts a XCF file to a PNG file.


gimp-xcf-bmp is a gimp script which converts a XCF file to a BMP file (24 bits).

Light and shadow centroids

This Python plug-in helps in the comparison of the left part of an image to the right part (equilibrium or not). It can be applied to any type of image and computes the centroid of the gray image pixels. The centroid is similar to the centre of mass concept, where mass is replace by another quantity; here it is the lightness and the greyness of the pixel.

Black & White variations to layers

This script creates predefined black and white variations and saves them as layers. Users can choose which variations should be created.

For more sophisticated possibilities use the channel mixer or other tools. This script just uses typical black and white variations, to provide a quick overview - just switch the layers visibility afterwards.

Install to .gimp-2.6/scripts in your homedir as bwvariations.scm, then start GIMP or click Script-Fu->Script refresh, you'll find it then under Script-Fu->Misc->bwvariations

Narly Sprite

NOTE If you want to live on the bleeding edge of this plugin, I'm currently using github (https://github.com/narlynephi/narly_sprite) for my version control.

Narly Sprite is meant to help you create and edit sprite sheets. Pretty simple.

Narly Sprite requires Gimp 2.8+ because it uses group layers to organize the frames in the sprite.

Features include:

Quick sketch RGB

I modified the script quick-sketch.scm of tuxcomputers, so it does not transform the image into grayscale, but leave the image in RGB mode.

The location of the script is "Script Fu / Artistic / Quick Sketch RGB"


I made a CalendarGenerator plug-in.
1.Download "CalendarGenerator-ENG-32bit.zip" or "CalendarGenerator-ENG-64bit.zip" file.
2. Unzip this file.
3. Copy "CalendarGenerator.exe" file and "CalendarGenerator" directory into Gimp's plug-ins directory.
("C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins")
4. Open Gimp.
5. Plug-in is in Filters->Rendering->CalendarGenerator menu.

New anti-spam measures active

Dear Registry Users,

we have activated a few more anti-spam measures. In particular, plug-ins and scripts will now be checked more thoroughly for spammy content. This could of course lead to false positives, so please let us know if you see any issues!

We will also now automatically block accounts once we have seen a certain level of spam attempts. Thus, it is doubly important that you contact us if you think there is a false positive, don't just try over and over again, or you could be automatically blocked!


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