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Export Layers Plus

Yes, it's yet another export layers script! This one is mainly targeted for video editing applications. I wrote it because all the other scripts weren't good enough for my purposes. Script is located in File/Export Layers...


  • Can name output files based on frame counter (i.e. "frame_000.png", "frame_001.png" and so on)
  • Can export only visible or only linked layers
  • Correctly exports layers with layer masks
  • Can export top to bottom or bottom to top
  • Can resample to different frame rate (and understands frame delay modifiers i.e. "(NNms)")
  • Can also interpolate frames when resampling

This script was used to produce the award winning short film "Stretch Those Glutes (ANNIVERSARY EDITION!)"

Read more for detailed options description.

Stack Layers Vertically

Filters are a great way to make high quality animations for your texture packs. They can provide a wide variety of effects, and can make your textures look truly amazing. They have one downside, however: the output of all animation filters is a layered image, with each frame in its own layer. All the frames must be copied over into another image before they can be used in Minecraft. This process can become extremely time-consuming, especially when you have twenty animations to do, with over three dozen frames each.


This plug-in fills all the selected parts of an image from the outside in with 2 colours
or 1 colour and a transparent band. The filled selection will be placed on a transparent
layer above the active layer.
The number of bands is user defined in the number of iterations, if however the
selections is totally filled, the process will stop before the number of iterations
being given is reached.
To totally fill a selection, choose a very high number of iterations.
The width of each band can be increased or decreased by a given amount of pixels in

Blue Channel Skin Check Layer (Calvin Hollywood)

So I have known for a while that the Blue channel is not particularly flattering on skin tones, and tends to show a lot of imperfections when retouching.

This can be used to our advantage by using the Blue channel as a 'guide' for seeing easily areas where some retouching/healing might be needed.

Export Layers to File

A simple plug-in to Export layers (all or selective layers) to individual image files.


1. Can manipulate the layers in layer group

2. Can export texts, patterns and layer filters

3. Prefix name for the image files has to be given

4. Can export only in jpg, png, bmp formats but the required formats can be added easily

webSplit updated

Fixed a bug on the directory separator, the ruling only affected use linux, you can download the corrected version from this link:

MySQL Database Exercise

This plug-in is strictly an exercise in applying MySQL to GIMP by way of Python scripting. Python has an easy way of accessing MySQL data by way of the mysqldb module. The plug-in is coded to work with a query against the Sakila MySQL sample dabase, but may work with any query that returns more than one row. This exercise is coded to restrict access to no more than 36 rows (... LIMIT 36).

TraceOver Suite

Iteratively improve rough drawings by partially obscuring them and tracing, re-drawing, or inking over them. Quickly allows GIMP to act like a light box.

Export Layers to animated SWF

This script enables export layers to an animated SWF (Adobe Flash) file.
It requires "png2swf" executable file, therefore you have to install the SWFTools package before using this script.

It is based on the cr33dog Export Layers as PNG plugin script.

It has been tested on the Linux Mint 14 (KDE) and Windows XP with SWFTools 0.9.2 and GIMP 2.8.4.

Create Windows icon from image

This is an updated version of the already existing iconify2.scm.
Iconify2 plug-in converts a single layer of a single image into a multi-layered image ready to be saved as a Windows icon.

- Tested for Gimp 2.8
- Also creates the 256x256x32 big icon for Windows XP and later
- Slightly better naming of the layers
- Cleanup of the temporary images


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