A repository of extensions for GIMP, the FREE and Open Source image manipulation program.

Insane Bump

This is a normal map generator from a single image, originally created by omaremad. Load a single layer picture, then choose filters/map/insanebump..., tweak the details, then hit OK. The normal/height/ambiend/specular maps for the picture will be created within the folder where the original picture resides.

The script produces different files within the original image's directory:
the _n is the normal map,
the _s is the specular,
the _d is the diffusion (just the color)
the _a is the ambiend occlusion
the _h is the displacement (or height map)

Make Seamless Advanced

An advanced version of "Make Seamless".

When searching for a good tool for making seamless textures I found "Seamless texture maker" by RPG, but it turned out to be very simplistic and a bit glitchy, so I wrote my own version. It produces two additional layers - the horizontal and the vertical overlap.

opencv frame loading without saving frame?

plugin for gimp to capture a frame from camera and to load it to gimp workspace.till nw i got the code to capture image and load the image but it is done by saving the captured frame but i want to load frame without saving the image....code till nw


Wacom Tablet Mode Setting (Linux)

This is a python-fu script to cycle through four modes on a Wacom Intuos 5 tablet, updating the middle touch ring to perform different functions in each mode (eg zoom, change brush size, prev/next layer, scoll). The script can set the correct LED on the tablet, but only if write permissions are given to the leds in the /proc file system (see the source code for hints).
Requires xsetwacom and libnotify-tools. Only intended for Linux.

webSplit photoshop sector tool like new version

Photoshop sector like script for slice the image for web, new options added, select de image format and html source code for each sector. More info in http://www.arakne.es/en/dessign/gimp-websplit-new-version/
Versión en castellano (spanish version): http://www.arakne.es/diseno/gimp-websplit-nueva-version/

Repeated Painter (Seamless pattern creator)

This plugin is to help you to create seamless patterns or game tiles and so on. Everything you paint into image is copied periodically over the rest of image.

If you are interested, here is small introductory video: http://repeated-painter-gimp-plugin.googlecode.com/files/repeatedPaintin..., though principle of its work is very simple...

PDF Cover Thumbnail

A GIMP Python plugin to create PNG thumbnails out of PDF files' first page, for book covers.
It crawls recursively a folder path looking for PDF files. Out of each PDF file, it will create a PNG thumbnail of the first page in the PDF.

This plug-in must be put in The GIMP's script directory (e.g., $HOME/.gimp-1.2/plugins) and made executable (e.g., chmod +x).
For interactive invocation, run The GIMP and go to Tools -> PDF Cover Thumbnail...
New width and height are in pixels.


;;; COLOGRAM.SCM -*-scheme-*- This File is written by Friedemann Wolpert 2010
;;; You can contact the Author using the following eMail: Friedemann@MedienKunstOnline.De
;;; Project Entry for "Mach Flott den Schrott 2", Heise Magazin

CEGUI Animation Exporter

CEGUI Uses imagesets and animation XML to perform animations with images (No GIFS for U)

This plugin creates a film strip style image from layers of a single image, along with the necessary xml files needed by CEGUI to use the strip in an animation.


This script consists of 2 separate plug-ins, free-form-semi-auto-bokeh and free-
Both allow you to simulate the bokeh-effect (the out of focus effect which causes
point-like light-sources to appear as disks).
The "free-form" means the user must determine the size and the shape of the bokeh.
This is done by creating a selection before running either plug-in.
This selection can be placed anywhere on the image.
This means you can simulate a partially closed aperture with for instance a selection


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