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Spam flood - ongoing

The registry is still being targeted by spammers - this is evident by re-enabling user registrations, and requiring admin approval to activate the accounts. The site would be drowned in spam in no time again...

Fishing out the few legit account registrations seems to be largely impossible, too - Drupal (at least in the version used here) doesn't really offer any sophisticated user registration handling.

Spam flood - again


as you can see, the registry is getting flooded by soccer stream spam again and again - I'm having user registration suspended for the time being. This won't stop the spammer scum that already registered from creating some more spam posts, but will at least give us a chance to catch up to them when deleting it.

Gimp shape creator

Version 6e:
This version adds the “Update selection” button that lets you apply the changes in the selection of the current image, more info in this links: http://www.arakne.es/en/dessign/gimp-shape-creator-6e/ and http://registry.gimp.org/node/32128

Solarize/metallize - Solarise/Metallise

Juste un petit script, qui créé 8 calques avec différentes façons de Solariser une image.
Just a little script, who create 8 layers, with differents ways to "Solarise" an image.

Par exemple, après utilisation du script/for example, after use the script :

5 exemples de Solarize / 5 examples of Solarize :


LINK (version 1.1): http://froggy.web.pagesperso-orange.fr/gimp/banana-sprites.scm

Hello world,
I uploaded other examples and added some tips at the end. This script-fu will be here in the menu: Filters\Animation\banana-sprites

Palette knife/couteau à palette - Yet another "paint effect"...

Oui, encore un autre script pour passer d'une image à une "peinture"...
Avantages :
- fonctionne avec les filtres de base de Gimp (pas d'autres filtres à installer),
- rapide (quand il n'y a pas d'options cochées),
- quelques options permettent de peaufiner le résultat.
Une fois installé, le filtre apparaît dans le menu Filtres → Artistiques → Palette knife.


New option Mirror: add an aditional guide on the opposite side of the new added guide

With this python script you can edit numerically existing guidelines or add new
All text fields allow mathematical operations using shortcuts for image width (Width, width, W, w) and the height of the image (Height, height, H, h)
Con este script python puedes editar forma numérica las guías ya existentes o añadir nuevas

Bevel Reflect Logo

Bevel Reflect Logo V1.5 allows for the easy creation of reflective beveled text and images by leveraging the ML Bevel Reflect Plug-in V2.0, which is required for the operation of this script. Supports both Create Logo and Alpha to Logo options. Requires GIMP 2.8.x.

Download Bevel Reflect Logo V1.5


This script is a filter trying to imitate the effect of Clarity slider. This is in essence USM (Unsharp Mask) masked to be effective only in midtones. For best results try large radius values (100 or above).

See samples:

Clarity filter:

Download from:


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