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Tapered Stroke on Path

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tapered_stroke_along_path.scm4.23 KB

Draws a tapered stroke along a path using the current tool, specifying the start and end stroke width.

Details and example are located here.

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Hi, Rob.
Could this be modified to address a need I have of importing a file with multiple painted lines (think sun's rays), with tapered strokes?
The original lines, when selected, are represented by closed paths filled with a color.
I have experimented with ofnuts' path uncloser, after which I then edit the unclosed path to remove one more segment, to make two identical, but slightly removed paths (one of which I seek to delete, but cannot see how).
When I stroke the path with your script, one of the paths receives the treatment, and the other is--mercifully--ignored.
Ideally, I'd like all this to be automated: for the set of closed paths do, break the path into two similar paths, delete one, and stroke the remainder, repeat.
Thanks for any thoughts.

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