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Wavelet sharpen

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The wavelet sharpen plugin enhances apparent sharpness of an image by increasing contrast in high frequency space. The amount of unsharpness of the original image can be taken into account by adjusting the sharpening radius. As an option you can choose to sharpen the luminance (YCbCr) channel of the image only.


  • Graphical user interface
  • Preview image
  • Option to sharpen luminance channel only
  • Selectable sharpen radius
  • Lossless image conversions


The wavelet decomposition of an image results in multiple images with different frequency content. When amplifying the high frequency parts the recomposed image appears to be sharper than the original one. That way the frequency which should be amplified most can also be selected and a given unsharpness in the original image can be taken into account.

This GIMP plugin allows to perform this wavelet decomposition and allows the user to adjust the amount of sharpening and the radius of unsharpness in the original image. As an option you can sharpen the luminance channel of the YCbCr converted image only which reduces colour artifacts to appear (especially in noisy images). The sharpness of the colour contrast is not critical to the human eye.


This picture was taken with the Nikon D80 and the Nikkor AF 50mm 1:1.8 lens fully open. Because the image is slightly out of focus and due to the wide apperture and aliasing the image is not quite sharp.


The plugin is distributed under the General Public License (GPL) version 2 and newer.

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This works very nicely, thanks for posting...
[Ubuntu 10.04]

was really an incredible clarity of..

A new version of the wavelet sharpen plug-in has been released! There are no changes in functionality, just translations added.

Changes in 0.1.2:

  • Added Polish translation
  • Added Estonian translation

Changes in 0.1.1:

  • Added Russian translation
  • Added Italian translation

Changes in 0.1:

  • Now ranslateable (German translation included)
  • Change in build mechanism (make && make install)
  • License now GPLv2+

mcafee total protection 2010 (the 2010 version not 2009 that comes on the 2010 cd) has detected a GenericExplot!x (trojan) in wavelet-sharpen.exe and today is 6/8/2010.

- this is another false positive, or
- you are spreading a trojan on purpose, or
- you have an infected machine.

more than one antivirus is detecting your software as a trojan.

I was really hoping for a good refocuser plugin for gimp to add to my office package. but I can't use it if mcafee is going to remove it as vermin.

This was the Win32 binary linked in this thread?

that's probably the file, but I noticed that the version of mcafee they were using was 5.x and I am using 14.0.309. big difference. so... just how old are their virus scanners anyway???

and why are you arguing with me about what my mcafee 2010 complained, flagged and removed automatically?

sure it could be a false positive. but with several other people in the same thread complaining of trojans, I am beginning to wonder...

If it is an actual trojan and can be verified to be so...
then we don't want that link leading everyone else to it...
else we're all just assuming and guessing and not moving toward taking the right, necessary actions...

I don't see him as being argumentative, I think he seriously wants to nip this thing in the bud, and getting the right information and clarification only speeds things up.

I tried using an up-to-date mcafee on another computer that isn't hosed like mine, and it scanned fine. so mine was a false positive.
it's dawning on me more and more that my programs are getting the hiccups because of an incident with a nasty new printer driver a while ago.
I have kept my system running and updated for 5 years through trials and tribulations and recovering from BSODs (some microsoft-caused) up until that point.

it's finally sinking in that I need to perform that OS Repair NOW because it's affecting my office package builds. ugh!
that means swapping drives out for backup and a whole day taken up in disk writing, etc. 1TB disk. messy.
I've noticed lately that some of my programs like mingw and mediacoder do not execute properly. they do weird things. and mcafee gives a some false positives, removing programs when it shouldn't.

and by the way, the plugin works nicely... :-)

For the records: things like these are why I argue with someone who is reporting a trojan if 10+ other scanners can't find it :)

On a side note, did you consider that McAfee's reports may be accurate for your system - i.e. that there is indeed a trojan, but it didn't originate from the files you're downloading?

Thanks for both wavelet plug-ins :) Are you sure you don't want to use the gimp-plug-in template to separate logic from GUI and make UI translatable? :-)


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