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Eyeball - Updated for v2.6

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This script will make a single eyeball, and has been updated for v2.6. The colors of the iris, and size of the pupil, lighter iris, and darker iris, are all adjustable. Ideally, the inner eye color should be about half the brightness of the outer eye color to provide a nice transition from the pupil, but any two colors can be used. The image itself can be anywhere from 300x300 to 3000x3000 in size. The eye will have a transparent background. Enjoy! The attached picture is what the final product will look like (your colors may vary, obviously!)

blueeye.png56.76 KB
Eyeball.scm7.52 KB
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There is good! Thanks :-) --- My honour with me! I - Ne01eX.

Thank you for making such a cool script. I'm having loads of fun with it.
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