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Failure to open .pnm file

When I try to open a .pnm file (created by my own scanner using XSANE), I get the following error:-
PNM Image Message, invalid X resolution
GIMP Message, Opening 'home/XXXX/documents/for XXXXX.pnm' failed, PNM Image Plug-in could not open image.
NO doubt I'm doing something wrong, but just WHAT please!

Using Ubuntu Hardy on i386 PC 2.25GB RAM 80GB HDD


"X resolution" in that contest X usually mean Width seems there is something unacceptable with the width of the scanned imagine (as example width result is 0 so imagine could not be opened because has no data ...) Simply right click on the file to check imagine propriety, if size is 0 kb or anyway very few kb you may be sure that the problem is in your scanner or in Xsane...same if imagine size is something as 0 x 800 or even 1 x ..something if it has a reasonable number of kb and a reasonable size you may try to open with some other sw and check if there is something strange in the imagine ratio or look
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