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Photo effects

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ev_iccii_photoeffects_246c.zip25.48 KB

This is a compilation of some wonderfull scripts of Iccii and some other scripts I 've made myself, all brought together is one script-fu file to make the installation very simple.

Contains : Cartoon, Color pencil, Conte crayon, Cutout, Drawing, Inkpen, Note Paper, Paint dot image, Palette knife, Pastel, Stamp, Water paint effect, (plastic) Wrap effect. Angled strokes, Crosshatched, Chrome image, Cross light, Funky color, Soft focus, Solarisation, Brick wall, Patchwork, Stained glass, Texturizer, High pass, Scroll, ...

Examples on the homepage.

Use the latest version on GIMP 2.4

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


When I put the preset into the impressionist file the have the same name should i rename, replace or copy on and put in other? Sorry still learning.

Script are excellent anyway to work they require also the gimpimpressionist preset (included in the zip) to be installed (as explained here Since that is a bit unusual many may miss this point so i think better point it out here


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