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Photo effects

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This is a compilation of some wonderfull scripts of Iccii and some other scripts I 've made myself, all brought together is one script-fu file to make the installation very simple.

Contains : Cartoon, Color pencil, Conte crayon, Cutout, Drawing, Inkpen, Note Paper, Paint dot image, Palette knife, Pastel, Stamp, Water paint effect, (plastic) Wrap effect. Angled strokes, Crosshatched, Chrome image, Cross light, Funky color, Soft focus, Solarisation, Brick wall, Patchwork, Stained glass, Texturizer, High pass, Scroll, ...

Examples on the homepage.

Use the latest version on GIMP 2.4

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


I would like instructions on how to place the presets in my correct folders as the presets end in .txt

I have placed the scripts in the script folder, but do not know how to place the preset files. Please give clear instructions as the link you provide to the chat does not take me to a page for you and the page of instructions in the Readme file no longer works.

I suggest placing the instructions in the thread if you can.

I can't understand your problem here, mostly because follow messages here is really hard

anyway i have it working on gimp_2.8 if you still didn't solve yet you may open a new topic here where will be easier to help you:
you may have given more details in a previous message, but this forum software made search your previous message a pain , and in your last you didn't explain HOW doesn't work (doesn't show in the menu ? it show but does not work ? you just don't know how install a script ?.. etc ) and i need to know HOW didn't work to help

>> Examples on the homepage.

Page not Found - HTTP 404
Helaas kan de pagina die je zoekt niet gevonden worden.
Je wordt binnen 0 seconden doorgestuurd naar

U kan de volgende zaken proberen:

Ga terug naar de vorige pagina en klik op een andere link
Kijk het ingetypte adres na op fouten.
Zoek naar andere pagina's via Telenet Zoeken

Telenet Search

You could try the Wayback Machine and see what it has:


I'm new to GIMP, and just beginning to familiarize myself with scripts. I managed to successfully install the second file here ( and I'm really enjoying some of the effects--the pastel in particular is great! Thank you for this script! However, I was unable to find the colored pencil function, which is the one I was most interested in when I installed. Could you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

I have installed the latest version of Gimp (running under windows 7). I loaded but a few of the scripts are reporting erros (e.g. cartoon2 returns the error: "Error: set!: unbound variable: img2". Should I have loaded Why are there 2? Which one is correct for my setup? Or is my problem womething else? Most of the scripts work fine.

I'm not a computer whiz by any means. But I downloaded and unzipped the files, they did not work. So I checked the file extension and found they were .txt. I renamed file extensin to .scm and now they work find. So make sure they are .scm. I hope that works for ya'll. Thanks for the scipts they are just what I was looking for.

please help i did what you said to do but it didnt wor

But still can't find them. Where are you finding these? What is the path?
Thanks for the heads up on the scm change!

Most browsers default downloads to the Downloads folder in your username parent folder. Unless you have indicated the files to go elsewhere.


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