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National Geographic Script

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Download script.

This script simulates a high quality (portrait) photo like these from the National Geographic.
Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Filters -> Generic -> National Geographic.
Thanks to Martin Egger for the shadow revovery and the sharpen script, which I included in the script.


Update1: Added local contrast option.
Update2: Optional inverted layer mask for brighter skin types.
Update3: Added a batch version of this script, run it with
gimp -i -b '(elsamuko-national-geographic-batch "picture.jpg" 60 1 60 25 0.4 1 0)' -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
or for more than one picture
gimp -i -b '(elsamuko-national-geographic-batch "*.jpg" 60 1 60 25 0.4 1 0)' -b '(gimp-quit 0)'
Be careful, the batch script overwrites the original image. More info here:
Update4: Fix for the batch script, it merges now all layers before saving.
Update5: Extensive internal fixes. Better defaults. And all edits are executed on extra layers.
Update6: Batch script also updated.
Update7: Two tinting options, red and blue.

For all scripts together, go here:

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Scripting Engine: 
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I downloaded it and installed but don't where its located on my gimp 2.6 or don't know how to us it...please help!

Check here to see how to install and find scripts and plug-ins:

This is great! Works as advertised, and slider offers many different options. Thanks for making this available for GIMP.

It's like Windex for your images. I've tried this script on portraits, low-light concert pix, still lifes and florals, pet photos, pretty much anything I can think to throw at it and it never disappoints. Great work!!! Thank you!

LOVE this...thank you so much!!!

Hi i was soooo excited about this script, the difference is amazing and i managed to copy it to the scripts folder and everything worked out fine until i actually went to use it and it came up with this error message:

Error while executing elsamuko-national-geographic:
Error: eval: unbound variable: cadr

What does that mean?

What version of GIMP are you using? I am using 2.6.8 and its working fine.

i am using version 2.6.8 too, and re-installed it and everything, to double check. and its still coming up with the same error message. it's odd because all the other scripts work fine, just not this one.

Try deleting the current NG script, and download a fresh copy (if you haven't already).

:( didn't work. blah how frustrating, I tried re-installing and doing stuff from scratch but I have noo idea what the matter is. still comes up with the same problems. Oh well...


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