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Crop to center the selection

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This script crops the image so that the current selection winds up at the center of the image. It is especially useful when postprocessing digital images: When the subject of a photograph appears off-center, simply select the subject, click on Script-Fu/Selection/Center Selection..., optionally customize the script's parameters (described below), et voilà—the subject is now perfectly centered.

Script options give you the choice of centering horizontally and/or vertically and of preserving the original image's aspect ratio. That last option is useful if you have, say, a 1920×2880 image and you want to professionally develop it onto 4×6" paper (a common size in the U.S.). The Preserve aspect ratio option ensures that original image's 2:3 aspect ratio remains after cropping.

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Very useful and easy to use. I like it.

Very easy to use and a time saver. Works great! thanks!

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