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Polygonal Lasso Tool on Gimp

just want to ask if gimp has polygonal lasso tool like the photoshop..

Thank you!


You can use the Bezier tool to make paths--paths can be saved, reused, modified.  In the end the paths do not modify the image pixels, but are instead used to create selections. These selections are fundamental to Gimp and used with many other tools, limiting the area that those tools affect. Those selections can be saved, reused, modified and combined.

The Bezier tool requires many steps, but they become obvious once you first see and understand what it does. You could also look at a nice looking explanation.

What is that Photoshop tool?

The lasso tool of the current GIMP 2.5.x development releases does have a nice polygon mode (unless you do draw with it, it creates straight lines on click). Every segment of the polygon can be modified by moving the nodes at its end.

maybe i am just incredibly dence but how come i can't find the polygonal lasso tool ?

because is a function of the lasso tool

To explain what Michael and PC have said, instead of drawing with the mouse using the lasso tool (done by holding down the left mouse button) just click one point, drag the mouse, click another point. There is no need to hold the left mouse button down while doing this.

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