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White Balance Puzzle Script

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Download script.

This script creates small rectangular selections and auto-white-balances them.
Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Filters -> Light and Shadow -> White Balance Puzzle.
Be careful with the feather option, it consumes a lot of cpu power.
I use it more as an analysis tool for existing images. You can detect edits in low contrast areas with this script.

This script gives a strange result, so it just fits in rare conditions:


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Hey, this script its very usefull !! I`ve got 1 question: If I put a configuration and then the script makes a lot of procesing, can I cancel the process before it`s done?? Thanks

Script-fu is not very advanced concerning things like preview and process handling (let's say: it hasn't such things at all). A work-around is to save the picture before applying the script, and if it needs to long, just close the picture. The script stops then with a failure message. With ctrl-1 you can open the saved picture again.
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