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Technicolor 2 Color Script

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Download script.

This script simulates the 2 Color Technicolor effect.
Copy it into the scripts folder from GIMP, you will find it then under Colors -> Technicolor 2 Color.


Update1: I added two decomposing options.

See also the Technicolor 3 Color Script.

For all scripts together, go here:

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how do you download this? (new member)

Download the attachment under the picture (the *.scm file at the end of every description here) and put it in C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\.gimp-2.4\scripts (Windows) or ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts (Linux and Mac). Refresh the scripts in GIMP with Xtns -> Script Fu -> Refresh Scripts. The dot in front of the folder name means, that it's a hidden folder.

On a MAC Where is this ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts ? Do I click on the link or control + click on the link? Do I add the ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts to this? Not really sure where to save it. No clue how to link it or get it in GIMP. Totally lost. I have been on here all day trying to find the answer. Feeling pretty foolish about now.

This should work too: Open a console and type: cd ~/.gimp-2.4/scripts wget or for the NG Script: wget Then open GIMP.

Thanks so much for the help, but I am unable to type anything in a console. I am running X11 and on a Mac 10.5.4 Intel. Not sure if that really means anything.

Thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it. I guess my problem now is really what to do with the link. Do I just click on it? Do I Control + click on it? Then what do I do with it? I am not understanding how to put it in a file. The gimp folders for script and plugins do not allow any adding. I have no clue how to put anything in a directory. There needs to be somewhere out there a Step 1, Step 2, and so on until the end result in Gimp. Think Scripts and Plugins for Dummies. Remember you are dealing with an ignorant one here. Sorry to be so inept.

Don't you get a dialogue, when you click on the attachment, where to save the file? If this doesn't work, try clicking on it with the right mouse button (Do Macs have one meanwhile?). You will get a context menu where you can pick the "Save Link As" option. Save it somewhere in your homefolder, default should be "~/Download". Then you have to put it in the scripts folder of GIMP. There should be two scripts folder, one general for all users (that's why you don't have write permission there) and one in your home folder. It's better to use the second one. Open a file browser and go to your home folder. Switch the hidden folders option (somewhere under 'view' or 'option'). You will see now a folder named ".gimp-2.4". The dot before the folders name means, that it is a hidden folder. Open the ".gimp-2.4" folder. Now you should see several folders, among others the scripts folder. Open it. Here you can put in the scripts, you downloaded. Then (re)start GIMP. When you open a picture, you should find now a new option eg. in Filters -> Generic -> National Geographic. I hope, I'm right, because I have no experience in Macs because I'm a Linux user. But Mac should behave similar since it's a BSD derivative. Good luck with that. Here is a wiki for Mac owners: Show all files in finder:

Oh you are just the absolute greatest. Got it to work finally. The computer even survived although my pride has not. Keep up the great work

i figured what i was doing wrong was clickin on it, not right clicking on it and selecting save target as. thank you.


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