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Grey Point

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Linear conversion of the RGB colour space, described by a starting point and an end point in RGB colour space. Typically used for the correction of colour temperature or white balance, respectively, of digital photos.

Update version 2.2: The menu entry has been moved to the Tools menu.

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This scripts is used by gimp2.4!

Could you please provide the instructions to use ?

The typical use case is you want to correct a slightly yellow hue across the whole picture, caused by the white balance setting of the camera or whatever.

Here is what you do. You carefully select a point in the picture, that currently has a yellow hue but according to your judgement should appear in plain grey, without any hue. Next you use the colour pick tool to switch the foreground colour to the colour of this point. Now you call the Grey Point script and select "Desaturation" on the selection popup, followed by "OK". 

If you don't like the result, use the undo function and try another point.

Hope this helps,



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