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Add multiple guides

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This plugin adds multiple guidelines to the actual image.
New guides can be simply added by pressing the "Add"-button. The last guide can be deleted by pressing the "Remove"-Button.
This tool is very useful if you make weblayouts and don't want to select every guide from the ruler.
Remember to chmod+x the file. Put it in "plug-ins"-folder.


- initial release

- freshen with GTK gui

- put under CC-BY-SA license
- added possibility to add guides in percent

add_multiple_guides_plug.zip2.06 KB
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I found this by browsing the registry and I have often thought the Add Guide very inefficient because if I wanted several guides I had to go back each time to the dialog and put it in.

I've tried it in Gimp 2.8 and it works perfectly. The permissions are already checked in the plugin.

Thanks so much!

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