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Iconify2 plug-in converts a single layer of a single image into a multi-layered image ready to be saved as a Windows icon.
;The new image will contain all standard sizes (16x16, 32x32, 48x48) at all standard bit depths (16 colors, 256 colors, 32-bit RGBA), with transparency support.
*Note: Not fully tested though, so be sure to try it on an "expendable" copy of an image first.
**Tested on - Gimp 2.4.6
- Gimp Portable 2.4.6

Liscence.txt34.26 KB
iconify2.scm6.46 KB
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I'm using your script :)

it works fast and easy.... I have also checked the outputted icons in an external dedicated program.

well...I'm not a coder... but I corrected a few lines for the outputted icon size sequence.
now it's OK! this error is common in all icons program that I have tried, also trial of commercials.
hope that this is OK for you!
I also create new scm file with presets... for 512, 256, 128, and Mac... but I must replace the script... with the one I need at moment to can run it.... I'm able to load all scm presetes at once and to list them in the menu... but no once works will execute.

so... it would be nice if you can create an interface with flag-gable sizes, and color bit output. and also a batch function.
I'm looking in the registry now... to find some scm that have such function... I will try to put all together... but it would be nice if you can continue develop your script....
also with the requested function.
feel free to contact me directly, I'm Italian like you... here my email


PS: as suggested by gimp I corrected an error that popups... and now no more popups error.

The script does not contain licensing information. Please add this.

It does now. :)

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