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this script adds an "anitools" submenu to the "script-fu" menu with entries useful for creating (optimized) animated GIFs:
create scanlines: paint every other horizontal line in each layer with the current foreground layer. this can decrease the size of the resulting GIF and some people like the look :-)
set image framerate: set the frame rate for all layers in the current image.
set layer framerate: set the frame rate for just the current layer.
make GIF animation: rough and unfinished attempt to improve on the "optimize for GIF" plugin.

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Your script does not contain license information, please add this.

Your script seems to run with GIMP 2.6, so I've added this version. If you know that it runs with other releases as well, please add them.

There's one thing in the script itself that appear to be strange, at least to me:

- for the scan lines, why do you use the pencil to create them? Applying the stripes pattern should be a lot faster, currently users will think that the script does hang GIMP.

And the menu path for the script should be changed - there's not Script-Fu menu in 2.6 anymore, so Filters->Animation would be a good place now.
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