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Focus Blur Binaries for Microsoft Windows

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Windows binariers for the focus blur plug-in by Kyoichiro Suda.

Unfortunately without FFTW3 so far (because I do not have it on my system yet), and thus slow.


The attachment is meant to be extracted into the GIMP program directory, if you want to place it elsewhere, just drop the executable to the right place. Translations for Italian, Japanese and Russian are included.

focus-blur-3.2.3.zip35.15 KB
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This plugin is really good... I have GIMP 2.6.11 running on Win XP 32-bit and plug-in runs fine...
I'm right looking for last binaries for Win 32-bit (Fblur 3.2.6), does anyone know it?

Thank you very interest plugin. вода

Thanks for porting the plugin to Windows. Absolutely great. Works perfectly. And many thaks too of course to Kyoichiro Suda for this very capable tool.
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