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Make Your Own Planet - Script of MarvinX's Tutorial - Updated for Gimp 2.6

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This script automates many of the steps in MarvinX's fantastic "Make a Planet" tutorial, with a couple of added features. There is an atmospheric haze around the planet, and there are stars on the background layer. This script does not do the IWarp step. I leave that to the individual user to make wherever they want.. Everything else is in here.
After the script is done running, you can manually adjust the hue and saturation to get the planet the color you would like. There is also an option to make the planet more earth-like (using the Land and Sea gradient on the Clouds Layer.) The sun shadow is also optional.

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With this and the your rings script, I'm going to be building solar sysems full of fun worlds!
Thanks so much sambrookjm!!
I'm even gonna check out the original tut to see if I can do it myself. :D

Can I ask a silly question? Where can I find this tutorial?

I didn't realize this script page would knock the original tutorial from the top spot of Google's search for "GIMP MarvinX Planet"! That's rather silly, but oh well. The original tutorial can be found at As I said, this is an outstanding tutorial...and you can get some really amazing stuff out of it.

I was here before but didn't want to ask the same question as him, lucky for me he had to guts to ask. I figured it was me being an idiot for not being able to find it lol

a wise man once said that you're only a fool if you DON'T ASK the question...
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