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Create large and natural textures from a small sample. Based on a 2003 research article. Can also create tileable textures. See homepage :
Sometimes remembered as "texturizer", but the original name is Texturize.
Writtent by Manu Cornet ( and Jean-Baptiste Rouquier (

GIMP Version: 
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The screenshots and examples look great, but...

Other plugins work (well, half of the time), and they are in a format.
You just drop it into the plugin folder, and that's it.
This "binary" version of the plugin -- what the hell is that?
I use a mac, but use pc too, and I still haven't a clue.
How do I get this to work on my mac?
[intel 10.6.4]

As in the title the windows version of texturize crash Gimp 2.4 during soon that texturize.exe is initialized gimp abort

I'm having the same problem, though I did notice on source forge page it did say that it wasn't working with 2.3.

Well on linux (ubuntu Gutsy) i had installed on gimp 2.4 rc and i have no any crash But i don't remember if i used it, i think so but i'm no totally sure but even (i doubt) if were some issue on Linux where not so critic as in windows, nothing as make gimp abort when loading
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