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colortemp.scm10.42 KB

This script converts the color temperature of an image. You can specify the color temperature of the original image, and the desired color temperature of the result, as well as a brightness correction factor. The script installs itself under the menu Filters/Colors/Convert Color Temperature.

The full documentation for the script is available at

The script works for Gimp 2.2, 2.4, and 2.6 .

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Works nicely, but a little bug report. If you set the temp to values below 2000 you get a divide by zero error.

Works in 2.8

I just fixed a small bug concerning how the color temperature is set according to the foreground color. Luca de Alfaro

and will work on 2.6 ?

Yes, I tested it, and it works on Gimp 2.6, at least on my Mac. Everybody, let me know if you encounter problems. Luca de Alfaro

Grazie, thank for the info BTW your side was offline and so download was almost impossible (i solved with the Iternet Archive cache )
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