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Gimp Mode for Emacs

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Added experimental FUD debugger in version 1.48. Read the announcement on the Homepage to find out how to try it out (not enabled by default).

Other changes are mainly maintainer type/bugfixes.


Gimp Mode is an Emacs mode for developing GIMP script-fu extensions. It is very much aimed at discoverability, aided by a help system inside Emacs and fuzzy completion.


  • Interaction from within Emacs with the GIMP as subprocess or as a client (via a read-eval-print-loop and directly from the source code file).
  • Smart and fuzzy code completion .
  • Useful code snippets.
  • Documentation echoing.
  • Hypertext help system with history.
  • Crude code search.
  • And others...

More Information

More information on installation and usage at the Gimp Mode Homepage

Read the release anouncement

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