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My gimp download came without Gimp-help. I have not been able to find it anywhere in your web pages. Where is it please?



Assuming you want the windows version go to and select the help install file in the language of your choice.

Ok. I got the html files from the URL you posted. Now, how do I get the "help browser plug-in" mentioned in the "Help browser is missing" error message when I click on Help in GIMP? Searching for "help browser plug-in" gets me nowhere on this site.

if you use windows i believe that is a problem hard to solve, help plugin is not missed but seems broken under windows, while use another possible option "use web browser" lead, under windows, in many case to a immediate crash of Gimp to sweeten the pill option ONLINE help seems working PS not always for some help works well and a possible problem ,a crash if the liquid resize plugin is installed is now solved with gimp 2.6.1

to correct myself now the Gimp help works perfectly on my PC Not sure why for other reason i unistalled and reinstalled Python and some py libraries and gimp and just few minutes later i accepted some windows updates when i reloaded gimp all problems with help were vanished
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