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GIMP python tutorial request.

Hello there I was searching for beginner friendly GIMP python tutorials on the net, but the only guide I found was the official documentation:

Any other reference would fall like mana.

Thanks in advance.


There is some templates to start your script at After that a simple Gimp script in Python is like in Scheme, you add the Gimp procedures from the database in the Python way, like pdb.gimp_procedure( parameters). Except run_mode parameter who can be ignored at the beginning. Ah ! and don't forget to change all '-' to '_' because Python does'nt accept '-' in names. Of course later you will be able to do much more by using all Python objects and libraries.

HIGHLY recommended: 13 hours to take a free online introductory Python course.

Afterwards, open up some of the simpler, typically "shorter" (ls -l ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/*.py | sort -n -k 5 | head) scripts and hunt for parts in them that strike you as something you'll need to do in your script too. Then, after you learn about the registration, and naming process (which you can mostly emulate without understanding), you can begin bashing together yours from the many.

(I'm a newb at this too--but after a week or 10 days of working at it, my first script, using elements of two existing others, actually writes to a file, with data from real paths and pixels.)

[I am not associated with, but am now one of their alumni.]

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