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This is a plugin for GIMP version 2.0 and above. It allows you to convert images into RGB normal maps for use in per-pixel lighting applications. The goal is to completely clone NVIDIA's photoshop plugin, with a few new useful features. Downloads can be found on the project home page.
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The installation for this says Place libgtkglext-win32-1.0-0.dll and libgdkglext-win32-1.0-0.dll
in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin directory. However, I don't have this path in Win8. I have a gtk2.0 in the Gimp folder and I have a Common Files folder under Program Files like this Program Files ->Common Files->Apple,microsoft shared, Services, Symantec Shared, System. Any ideas where the .dll files should be parked

NM works if you place these dll files in C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin.

Hi! Is there support for newly released Gimp 2.8?

plug-in works fine for me in Gimp-2.8
I am using Parthas Gimp-2.8 32 bit windows version though.
But with the new older plugin compatibility it should work in the official Gimp-2.8 release by


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