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Need help with psp files

is there a plugin available that will make it easy for me to use psp files I have gotten or made over the years in psp?



PSP use a lot of different file types (for imagine, brush,nozzle ,frames etc) i read that next gimp release should offer a better support for PSP files but that is in a future At the moment if you use windows XNview (not open source but free from ) should open most of that files (and should also be able to batch convert them in some more commune format as png ) Only problem may be for the multi layered files (xnview will show only the merged) But that may be easier to solve if you still have a copy of PSP In PSP should have a option to export layers them as png then you may recompose in gimp opening the first as usual and the others with File/open as new layer

I used to use PaintShop Pro alot before I discovered Gimp. Struggled to convert many complex images I had, but found that PSD is the best intermediate format to use. PSD (Photoshop Image) format still looses any vector info you may have had in the PSP file, but at least is retains the layers so you can recompile the version in Gimp
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