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I need help for my image save

I have recently make 2 draws for one competitions and I using this new program Gimp. Everything is fine except that when the time to save my work, even if I take extended .Jpeg or .Bmp I can open my draw only whit Gimp!

I can't post my drawings : S since I do not see them in my documents ...

EDIT: So thx you for this answer well it ok! I find my draw!
Tank you again!!!!

well should be no problem open them with any other software ( from File/open NOT with a Double click) The problem is that you can't see them and that is strange,( i suppose by mistake you saved in some unusual place ) try this: start gimp go to File/recent files to search and open your 2 jpg now save them again but this time be sure of where you save, as example create a new folder in "imagine" only for that 2.and save there Now open the folder You may see a different icon but you should see the 2 files inside To open image with a double click that kind of file ,as example jpg must be associated, may be associated only with 1 SW, gimp or something else, not to both But still all other graphic sw will be able to open it, in the classic way : from the File menu/open file. A change in the icon look does not change the file ..the icon is that of the "associated program" that program that will automatically start when you double click on that kind of file.
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