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Sets the selection to a sunray-like pattern, taking parameters such as inner and outer size, whether or not to have flowery edges, thickness, amount of rays, and a randomize switch.

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Hello, can you explain to me how to use this or at least where to find it. I would appreciate it. I have been looking all through my filter options and things and can't find it. I know how to use .scm's so that is not the problem.

_"/Tools/Selection Tools/Sunray Pattern..." you may open .scm with the notepad, you do not need to know Script fu for that. Then close the end of the script you will see a block as this "...(script-fu-register "script-fu-sunray" _"/Tools/Selection Tools/Sunray Pattern..." "Sets the selection to a sunray-like pattern." "Niels Giesen (" "Niels Giesen" "2008-04-27" "" SF-IMAGE _"Image to work on" 1 SF-ADJUSTMENT _"Radius of the Sun (Pixels)" '(35 0 1000 1 50 0 1) rays 0 =< 2)" '(.5 0 2 .01 .1 2 1)....." in the first line oh that block you will see the script name ,here "script-fu-sunray" in the second line that is the menu location _"/Tools/Selection Tools/Sunray Pattern..." That is almost needed for script as this installed in menu different then Filters or Color... As alternative you may look in the plugin browser but that search scripts and plugin on base of the Registration name that may be very different i.e "Gaussian Blur" become something as "Plug-in Gauss"
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