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writing a script for facial wrinkle enhancement

I am in need of a script but do not have any experience doing one. With a high resolution photo of a face I can make the wrinkles stand out by doing the following keystrokes. I would like to get them written into a script or a plug in. Can anyone help?

Duplicate image to make a background copy (Ctrl-Shift-D)
Channel Mixer
Load preset channel mixer of red = -59; green = 106; blue = 104. (Ctrl-L to view layers; Select OK .
change image from color to monochrome
Flatten Image
Duplicate Layer (Ctrl-Shift-D)
Ctrl L To view layers
Select Background Copy
On Background Copy change Mode from Normal Mode to Overlay Mode
Duplicate Layer again and again until you get desired results (usually four, five or six layers)
to view progression of wrinkle enhancment start with original photo and add layer after layer

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