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scanlines.scm4.93 KB

I noticed that the scanlines script-fu was not present anymore, so I cooked up a new one. This one is completely self-contained. Has a few enhancements to it, making it easier to work with. Thanks to Federico Mena Quintero for his work on the original "Erase Every Other Row" script-fu which served as part of my guide.

The script-fu will install in "<Image>/Script-Fu/Enhance".

Tested to work in GIMP 2.4.5.

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I don't know what effect this is supposed to achieve. You leave the scan line layer 4 times as large as the image, just above reseting the colours add the lines: ;Resize the scanline layer (gimp-layer-resize-to-image-size workLayer) Being able to choose the thickness of the scan lines would be good to. -- Regards, Harry Phillips

In regards to the scan layer resize, I was taking a stab in the dark with this in trying to determine how the original scanlines script worked (haven't had it on any of my working machines in years.) Mostly what that line was going for was a stretching effect. I've been playing around with a couple different modifications that might make this more usable. Adding line thickness shouldn't be too hard. When I've got it more whipped into shape I'll post it up here. -eporel
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