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Advanced Tone Mapping

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Based on Tone mapping script. If you want to see some examples of what my script does, please read my blog post about the Advanced Tone Mapping script.

There are four parameters for Advanced Tone Mapping script: Gaussian blur, Opacity of blurred layer, Opacity of Merged layer, Copies of merged layer:

  • Gauss. Blur (% of img size) — is the amount saying how much the blurring should be used for the tone mapping. It is in percents of image size (where image size = (width+height)/2). Ten is a good default, but different values might be interesting too.
  • Opacity of blurred layer — this is the 75 default, which can be changed if you want stronger or weaker effect.
  • Opacity of merged layer — the default is 90. If 100 is not enough, consider increasing number of “copies of merged layer”.
  • Copies of merged layer — when one, it’s barely noticeable, you can deny any accusations of postprocessing easily. :) Three has a lot of “halo effect” and anything above five will completely mess all colours up.

Opinions and suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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That was the first script I ever released, I use it all the time. -- Regards, Harry Phillips

Thanks - I probably couldn't have done it without you, because I didn't know any of the script-fu functions... and looking them up would take ages :)

I could not have done it without David's help, he wrote the tone mapping script and I used it to learn from. I document my scripts like crazy so that others can learn from them and 6 months later I can work out what the script is doing. -- Regards, Harry Phillips
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