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Quick sketch

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quick-sketch.scm3.25 KB

This script turns a photo into an image that looks like a sketch. Clicking on the photos below will take you to larger versions.


Quick sketch - before


Quick sketch - After

Changed the location of the script to be under "Script Fu / Artistic / Quick Sketch"

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Open an texteditor ( I did open gedit) Navigate to your folder where you keep your Gimp e.g /home/username/.gimp-2-6/scripts There you should open "quick-sketch.scm" replace the snippet that begins with /... (let* ( (layerCopy) ../ with the sequence suggested by the author.. Good Luck buddy.. Information wants to be free, use GNU/Linux!

How in the world do you download this stuff?

register on the site and you give acces for this stuff, enjoy! скачать бесплатно антивирус

This would be a great plugin to mess around with to generate header images and other graphics for websites. Thanks for making it. ^_^


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